A.R.C. Technologies is a full service design, manufacturing and service company.

This summary describes only the beginning of what we at A.R.C. Technologies can do for your Company.

Our GOAL is to satisfy all our Customers, today and in the future.


Design A.R.C. Technologies' in-house staff of experienced designers, CAD designers, and Craftsmen have designed and fabricated many chemical, mechanical, electrical and process control systems. Our unique designs have solved many problems throughout industry. These designs, ranging from very simple to extremely complex solutions, have resulted in higher production, increased quality, improved efficiency, increased utility, and improved safety.

CAD All drawings furnished by A.R.C. Technologies are generated on CAD. CAD drawing files are normally furnished with the project in either AutoCad™ or Intergraph™ format or furnished in any other Customer preferred format that is compatible with most major CAD software in use today.

Automation A.R.C. Technologies custom builds automated machinery to increase productivity and reduce operating costs. Automated machinery can be fully hardware controlled or PLC/PC controlled. We will analyze your requirements and propose the most economical way to automate or upgrade your operation. Updating old machines to modern PLC controls, or retool existing machinery to new uses is routine for A.R.C. Technologies.

Customer's Quality Control A.R.C. Technologies designs many projects to increase our Customer's quality level. We custom build QC stations and process control systems to make your products world class quality. QC stations can incorporate Go/No-Go, computer data logging, and SPC (Statistical Process Control) technologies.

Safety Safety is the single biggest concern confronting industry today. A.R.C. Technologies designs systems to remove employees from hazards, reducing on-the-job injuries. These systems may be as small as two hand controls, or as large as completely new machinery or a process process package. During all of our projects, careful consideration is given to personnel safety and all applicable safety regulations.

Pneumatics/Hydraulics Pneumatic and Hydraulic circuits and systems can be custom designed and built for any application. All our circuits are designed using the latest technology and the highest quality components. A.R.C. Technologies designs and constructs systems, such as custom power units and complete Turn-Key operations.

Process Control A.R.C.'s process control systems are custom designed and built for any application. Process control systems range from simple PID loops to the most complex distributive control system.

Electrical Electrical control panels are designed and fabricated to Customer specifications. All electrical control panels are built to the highest standards using top quality components. A.R.C. Technologies has built control panels from the simplest motor starters to the most complex breaker control circuits. Additionally, A.R.C. Technologies has the capability to furnish design services for power distribution, lighting, switchgear relaying and control for virtually any electrical system.

Service A.R.C. Technologies offers service and repair maintenance for all our work. A.R.C. Technologies will be there when you need us. We also repair, rework, or redesign, update or adapt most existing systems.

Integration A.R.C. Technologies has the experience, ability, and expertise to bring all aspects of production and manufacturing together to create a total integrated system.

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News & Update

ARC Technologies is granted US Patent US8568512.

ARC Technologies is granted Russian Federation Patent Number 2558881.

ARC Technologies is granted Australian Patent.

ARC Technologies is granted Chinese Patent.

South Hills PSA plant offered for sale and relocation

ARC Technologies joined the Global Methane Initiative.

ARC Technologies receives 5 year maintenance and operations contract from DeKalb County, Georgia.