A.R.C. Technologies specializes in designing, fabricating, installing and maintaining gas separation plants. We concentrate on the purification of methane gas streams (i.e., landfills, coal bed, biomas, etc.); however, we will assist your organization in designing a system for any gas stream.

The processing plants can accept as little as 800 standard cubic feet per minute (SCFM) of inlet flow. They are designed to meet site-specific conditions; therefore, the systems are capable of increasing capacity as the gas quantities increase. Specifically, the processing plants can increase in 800 SCFM increments of gas inlet flow (i.e., 800 SCFM, 1,600 SCFM, etc.).

The methane purification plants consist of four stages:

COMPRESSION - During the compression stage the gas is dehydrated and suspended solids are removed.

GAS SEPARATION - The purification of methane, whether it is from landfill gas, coal bed or manure, is completed via Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA). GAS SEPARATION

PSA technology is based on the ability of certain materials to adsorb and de-sorb particular gases as the pressure is increased and decreased.

Because methane's molecular size is uniquely different than the targeted impurities an adsorbent is used to separate the impurities from the methane. The adsorbent, a solid material, is housed in a set of vessels. The impurities, be it carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, oxygen or nitrogen, are adsorbed to the molecular sieve as the methane passes through the system. When the adsorbent is saturated with the targeted impurity, incoming gas is switched to a second vessel. The pressure in the first vessel is decreased and the system is purged to remove the impurities. When the targeted impurities are removed the vessel is re-pressurized and the inlet flow valve is reopened and the adsorption process begins. Simultaneously the second vessel is closed and the adsorbent is regenerated. This process allows for a continuous production of high BTU methane gas.

PROCESS CONTROLS - An automated system has been designed and installed to start, operate, monitor, adjust for continuous changes in conditions, stop and shut the system down in an emergency situation.

The processing plants include a full-service system having a central plant/gas control center for operation and maintenance, along with remote monitoring and control of gas flow.

The programmable logic control (PLC) system is designed to be operated unmanned. The plant operator is notified

The processing plant also is designed with a proprietary control and compression logic system that lowers the energy consumption required for plant operations.


COLLECTION SYSTEM MANAGEMENT - Since the processing plant operates independently the plant personnel are available to optimize collection system. Optimization of the collection system increases gas production and reduces/eliminates system shutdowns.

We are proud to boast that A.R.C. Technologies' plants are operational 95% of the time.

The skid-mounted plant is assembled within a container at A.R.C. Technologies 13-acre site, located east of Pittsburgh, PA.

The processing plant is tested prior to delivery.

Containerized MCC

The containers are shipped to the site and placed on a concrete foundation, the unit is connected, and placed in service.

With the exception of coolers and buffer tanks the complete system, including an office and the controls system, is enclosed in four 8' x 40' containers.

A.R.C. Technologies' processing plants can be operational within 30 weeks from commencement of the project.

Catalytic Oxidizer

Additional Landfill Gas Services offered by ARC Technologies:

    For Existing Larger Systems - 1000 scfm and up
  • Compliance services
  • Landfill upgrades (field/flare etc)
  • Add High BTU plants
  • RIN value services
  • Add-on CNG stations
  • Add-on CO2 recovery
  • Leachate Treatment
  • Landfill engine pretreatment
    For New Small Systems - less than 1000 scfm
  • Compliance Services
  • Packaged offering - Landfill installation (field wells, flares, High BTU plants, RIN value services, Add-on CNG stations, Add-on CO2 recovery, Leachate Treatment, Landfill engine pretreatment )

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News & Update

ARC Technologies is granted US Patent US8568512.

ARC Technologies is granted Russian Federation Patent Number 2558881.

ARC Technologies is granted Australian Patent.

ARC Technologies is granted Chinese Patent.

South Hills PSA plant offered for sale and relocation

ARC Technologies joined the Global Methane Initiative.

ARC Technologies receives 5 year maintenance and operations contract from DeKalb County, Georgia.