Key Personnel

A.R.C. Technologies' most important asset is its people. A.R.C. Technologies has assembled a team of engineers, scientists, environmentalists, programmers, welders, and CAD operators that have the knowledge and experience to handle any project associated with gas separation, processing plants, programmable logic control (PLC), environmental compliance, permitting and monitoring. The following provides a brief summary of the ARC's key project team members.

A.R.C. Technologies' senior staff members have an average of 30 years of experience. A.R.C. Technologies' project team is capable of providing quality services, superior equipment and technical expertise. Together, these individuals will team to meet the challenges of the Project and provide a successful outcome. The following is a brief description of the key personnel who work with A.R.C. Technologies:

Stan Siegel , A.R.C. Technologies' President, has over 30 years of experience developing and installing processing plants and designing integrated control systems. As President of Industrial Operations, Mr. Siegel commissioned and has managed the operations and maintenance of two high BTU landfill gas projects using physical separation (as contrasted to chemical separation) technology for the past two years. The processing plants are located on Waste Management landfills in western Pennsylvania.

Mr. Siegel has developed a landfill gas processing system using Pressure Swing Adsorbtion ("PSA") technology. The system has been demonstrated to physically separate by molecule size methane gas from landfill gas impurities, thus converting the landfill gas into high BTU (> 970 BTU) pipeline quality natural gas.

As owner and President of ARC, Mr. Siegel has managed numerous turnkey processing systems with integrated control units for Westinghouse Electric Company, Mitsubishi Electric Power Products, Inc., Duraloy Technologies, Inc.,

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News & Update

ARC Technologies is granted US Patent US8568512.

ARC Technologies is granted Russian Federation Patent Number 2558881.

ARC Technologies is granted Australian Patent.

ARC Technologies is granted Chinese Patent.

South Hills PSA plant offered for sale and relocation

ARC Technologies joined the Global Methane Initiative.

ARC Technologies receives 5 year maintenance and operations contract from DeKalb County, Georgia.