ARC Technologies offers a Patent-Pending, on site Landfill Gas Enhancement service and training program which directly increases existing gas collection gas quality and the value of the collected bio-methane. This one week service is guaranteed to show improvements and further the improvements over time by the landfill owner's field operators. The system confirms the landfill gas collection system's integrity, gas quality and feasibility for further enhancements of the landfill gas for beneficial use as a renewable fuel or RNG (renewable natural gas), rather than destroying it in a flare.

Existing landfill gas upgrade technologies refine landfill gas to meet pipeline and CNG gas quality, but are limited by the amount of air that is contained in the raw landfill gas. This limitation comes in three forms:

  1. increased equipment capital costs to treat the excess air (oxygen and nitrogen),
  2. existing technology operating costs and,
  3. safety limits on the amount of oxygen a system can handle.
Air migration into landfill gas collection systems is the number one issue that prevents more than 75% of all landfills from being candidates for a beneficial use renewable fuel project.

High oxygen concentrations in landfill gas also creates a safety problem for all potential uses of landfill gas. Even flaring the landfill gas may become dangerous in the event of high oxygen concentrations.

A controlled, patent-pending, analytical approach and protocol for landfill "tuning" has been developed by ARC Technologies Corporation, which has more than twenty years experience converting landfill gas to high quality pipeline and CNG renewable fuels.

For gas plant capital cost reasons, a target of a maximum of 4% AIR (N2+O2) content of the raw landfill gas is desirable. Once this targeted number of 4% is achieved and maintained the landfill's renewable energy value will increase, allowing ARC's proven technology to be installed on site at the most optimum design basis.

ARC Technologies' onsite controlled analytical system and methods, and technician training services can quickly improve the quality of the landfill gas in regards to the reduction of air in the total landfill gas flow. Furthermore, ARC Technologies can to map out concentrations of H2S in areas of your landfill; allowing for efficient evaluation and selective reduction of H2S from each well-head.

Typically, a team from ARC Technologies will work with your field technicians utilizing our Mobile Laboratory for approximately 5 days. During this time, each well head will be sampled and analyzed prior to and after initial well head adjustments as indicated by our test results. At the conclusion of our evaluation, a full report will be presented to site management personnel describing our findings and presenting our recommendations and conclusions.

The following is an example of the results of our Landfill Gas Enhancement service:

Before and after results showed a reduction from about 15% N2 to 5% N2 in one week. After one month, the ARC trained landfill technicians had the N2 below the 4% targeted landfill gas quality!

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